Acerola Cherry Capsules ( Natural Vitamin C )



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Acerola Cherry 10:1 Ratio Equivalent to 6500mg 

No Fillers No Nasty Chemicals 100% Active Content

    We have these in pouches of 30, 60, 90 and 120 Capsules. 

    Our Acerola cherry capsules has 28% of natural Vitamin C per capsules which equates to approximately 182mg per capsules .

    For reference a typical orange has 53mg of natural vitamin c so each capsule has approximately the same value as 3 oranges.

     All our capsules have no other chemicals or ingredients just 100% natural product. Please remember to check the ingredients and strength of any supplements to make sure that you are not consuming any chemicals and that they are effective. 

    Product name Acerola Cherry

    Scientific nameMalpighia emarginata

    Other Known Names:   , Barbados cherry, West Indian cherry ,

    Strength: 10:1  28% Vitamin C 

    Ingredients: Each Capsule has 650mg Acerola Cherry Extract 10:1 extract In natural Pullulan capsules.

    Suggested Daily Intake: One to Two capsules a day with a light snack.


    If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

    Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. 

    These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. For diagnosis or treatment consult your Doctor.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food Standards Agency or the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    So far so good

    This product arrived very quickly in excellent and pristine packaging. The capsules are clear, so you can see exactly what you are getting, and a lovely pink powder from the ground cherries shows through, they are also easy to swallow, even for my mum who has bone spurs that can sometimes press on her throat making it difficult to swallow.
    I love that this product doesn't have any of the nasties that other products have and the price is good. I will definitely being ordering from 5Greens again.

    Good Quality, Fast Service.

    Clean, pure supplements. You have to sift through the rubbish to get this type of quality.

    Rachel Buckley
    Great but what's the mg content?

    I love 5greens products and finding natural products is high on my radar. However, the mg of the vit C content isn't stated. When trying to give your body a certain level of vit/supplement it's really important to know what the level in each pill is. Whilst I love the ethos and natural ingredients in 5greens I find myself still having to opt for high street options with the mg content listed to ensure I'm getting enough. If this was listed it would have been 5 stars

    Sylvia L.
    Does as it says on the "tin" !!!!

    Amongst other things I am intolerant of Ascorbic acid so I have looked and tried many 'types' of vitamin C BUT these are exactly what I wanted/needed. Just natural vitamin C. I would highly recommend. It's such a shame they are so expensive though and the way this world is leading I don't know how long I will be able to afford them.

    cali holberry
    Great product

    These are great, can`t believe I took vit C with all the nasty additives for so long.
    Have felt quite well since taking these. Only downside is the price, much more expensive than supermarket versions. Just hope I can continue to afford them.



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