About 5greens ( Useful Reading )

5greens is a Herbal Supplement supplier of clean natural products. All are products are designed to be effective strong and all free from all the chemicals that the main big brand insist on putting in to their products to make their lives easier and more profitable.

Naturally we don’t have access to the big money marketing budgets of the main big brands so now that you have found us please book mark us and have a regular look at our products. We will be updating our range and their maybe something of interest to you. If there are any products that you are currently using but cant find a stronger clean natural version please email us at orders@5greens.co.uk and we will see what we can do.

One of our goal is to raise awareness of the potential toxic chemicals we consume on a daily basis be it through so called health supplements, Cosmetics ( soaps shampoo perfumes etc ) . Our products do not contain any of these. We use high quality natural extracts and encapsulate them in natural veg capsules for your benefit.

We would also urge you to look at the ingredients of any products you are using to see what how much active ingredient is actually contained in the product and how much of it is fillers binders or some other toxic chemical which has no benefit to you what so ever.

Below is a bit about us and some information about herbal supplements that you may find useful!

Mg Levels (The amount of product is a capsule )

Look at the Ingredients of other sellers - They might have a LOWER / HIGHER MG but with "Bulking Agents " Which in essence are used to Bulk up the MG levels - ( These bulking agents are NOT of any benefit to you only to their profit levels !)

90% of supplements companies also add a variety of chemicals ( WHICH WE DONT ) again no benefit to you but their profit levels!!

Ask them how much of their product is genuine product you will be surprised ! Ours only has the genuine natural Extract that you are buying and Nothing Else.

5greens Herbal Capsules are Designed to be EFFECTIVE - We use Natural Extracts ( Not Powders) to ensure our products contain the most active Ingredients to help you get maximum results.

There are reference to herbal extracts & what does 10:1 / 36:1 in our listings what do they mean ?

There are three main types of herbal supplements.

These are powders, extracts and Tinctures.

Herbal powder is the herb in natural form—leaves, stems and/or roots—is dried and milled into a powder. Powders are either packed inside a capsule or sold loose so you can add them easily to a juice or smoothie. Powders are not as concentered as extracts so you have to take more for the same effects as a capsule. Most companies sell herbal powers in their capsules you would have to take 10/20 x more capsules then our for the same effect.

Herbal extracts are substances extracted from the plant – This is where the active ingredient that has been researched & identified as having beneficial effects is extracted from the plant. A way of measurement is called standardized to a ration of 10:1 / 20:1 etc. This essentially means that it is that much more times concentrated the extract is then the raw powder. We at 5greens use extracts in our capsules as they are more Powerful / concentrated and effective then the powders in capsule form.

Herbal Tinctures – These are herbal extracts but in liquid form.

Spoilt for Choice - Why Pick 5greens for your Herbal Products?

• We only sell CLEAN , NATURALLY SOURCED ,SAFE & STRONG Natural Products.

• All our PRODUCTS are GUARANTEED free from any NASTIES - ( Calcium Sterate , Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate , Gelatin etc...) Binders , Fillers , Machine Lubricnats , Chemicals etc.. Just 100% Natural Products with 100% Active Ingredients GUARANTEED!

• Why would a company add fillers bulking agents ?? How much of that 500mg capsule is the active ingredient and how much of it is a filler buking agent etc ... . ? We dont use any of these - Just the product that you paid for in a vegan capsule !


• Our products are SOURCED FROM ETHICAL FARMS IN AREAS WHERE ANY PESTICIDE USE IS BANNED ! So zero chance of Radiation or Nasty pesticides cross contamination

• Our products are probably the STRONGEST on the market and are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarian Diets

• 100 % Guarantee - if you don't like our products send them back for a FULL REFUND .

Binder / Fillers & Nasty Chemicals !

Did you know that up to 60% of a tablet is made up of glues, known as binders, to hold the tablet together? So if you buy a 500mg capsules up to 300mg could be chemicals and only 200mg active ingredients!

Did you know that 70% of capsules contain fillers colouring glue and many other chemicals lubricants which oil the machine that fill them up ?

Would you add magnesium stearate, stearic acid, shellac, talc or colouring to your meal, in the way you’d sprinkle over salt or pepper? Neither would we. By making our capsules, and powders as pure and simple as possible, we avoid all the NASTIES Fillers and Binders providing a CLEAN HEALTHY capsule.

Our dietitians create the most effective formulas for our capsules . They calculate how much of each active ingredient would be the most beneficial and we then make that concentration, For example if 500mg 20:1 is the most effective Capsule we would make that one.

5greens does not believe in charging extra and want to offer Value for money and good products. We have discovered that some companies are selling products which are of very little strength and are really not worth the time or investment. So please check the ingredients of any supplements you are using to make sure you are not consuming any nasty chemicals and that it contains enough active ingredients to make it effective.

All our products are free from any Fillers / Binders / Chemicals Nothing is added , nothing is taken away. All our products are as nature intended.






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