About 5 Greens Superfoods

5greens has been around since the grass has been green and the sky blue touring the organic farming markets and have now decided to sell online!

Our founder, Izzy, travelled around the world and was surprised to see mentally, physically and spiritually fit people who all spoke of local herbs, powders and seeds which kept them fit and healthy. After trying some raw natural powders and the boost in well-being he experienced, he was hooked.

On returning to the UK he was surprised how difficult it was to obtain these products and how expensive they were. The inconsistencies of quality and dubious sellers made him cautious of what he was consuming. Something had to be done..

..5greens was consequently born.
With a mission statement to put QUALITY above anything else. All of our products are edible products and we take our responsibility seriously hence why we only source organic products which are free from additional substances.

Our products are one of the highest quality and we are fully organic certified. Our products are all used by all of our staff and it's safe to say Izzy still enjoys his super-food fix with 5greens!




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