Avocado, kale and tumeric: The top searched-for superfoods

Posted on 10 January 2017

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Avocados, kale and tumeric

The superfood trend is growing, and Search Laboratory has identified the most popular ones in the U.S. by online search volume. The foods, including avocados, kale and tumeric, were searched nearly 250,000 times per month on average.
The majority of the searches were clustered along the west coast and the northeast, in sync with population trends for singles and younger adults. 
Portland was the top U.S. superfood search capital, with Seattle, San Diego and San Francisco close behind.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, superfoods have become popular in areas that have strong lifestyle appeal or income-advancing potential for young adults. 

"More likely to be found in homes"

Most of the top ten superfoods, according to Google trend reports, are more likely to be found in homes rather than restaurants. This is partly because young adults, who are more adventurous eaters than their elders, are abandoning restaurants in droves – eating in has become cheaper with falling food prices. 

As avocado, kale and turmeric — the top three (in order) among the top ten searched-for superfoods — have become more popular, more manufacturers and restaurants have incorporated them in their formulas. The popularity of Indian and Asian dishes have helped tumeric's rise, just as interest in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean meals have for bulgur, a form of cracked wheat, and kefir, a fermented milk drink. 

Increasing numbers of vegetarians and vegans choose almond and coconut milk as well as flax – a common substitute for egg – as dairy alternatives, giving those three superfoods search count boosts. Blueberries and cauliflower, the remaining two of the top ten, are also perennial favorites because of their nutritional value, availability and versatility.

Source: http://www.fooddive.com/

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