Lupins. These beans can help you lose weight!

Posted on 10 January 2017

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What are Lupins?

Lupins are known as pretty, blue-violet or pink blooming garden flowers, but in the bean-shaped seeds of the plant puts a lot of power. but Enjoyable is only the harvest of specially bred sweet lupins, whose seeds contain no toxins and no bitterness.

Lupins are related to soybeans, but they have significantly more protein content than their famous sibling fruit. And something else makes the new Superfood particularly unique. The lupine must not be fertilized in order for them to grow their ranges of nitrogen from the air. A farming without chemical pollutants? This plant finally makes it possible.

How to prepare the lupins?

Lupins can be varied and creatively cooked. The seeds can be eaten pure, but often they are processed into flour. It can then be part of the most delicious dishes, conjured as burger patties, pizza, pancakes, biscuits or cereal-topping for the Acai Bowl - with hardly any carbohydrates! The flavor is neutral with slightly nutty notes.

And also for workouts, suck the power seeds as the protein concentrate Lopino is recovered, the superpower in smoothies and protein shakes and can be found in vegan cheese and spreads.

What exactly in lupin?

Lupine products have long been the secret among vegans and vegetarians, because 40 percent protein content, these legumes are one of the most important vegetable protein sources and a perfect egg or meat substitute. But also for all normal eaters this property is important because proteins help build muscle and are the basis for every low-carb diet .

The seeds also score high with essential amino acids. The so-called lysine for example, supports the structure of collagen, which in turn promotes firm skin and healthy hair. Vitamin E, magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus supplement the positive qualities of lupines. 

The good news for allergy sufferers - lupines are gluten-free and also ok for people with soy intolerance. While the seeds are among the legumes, but unlike lentils, beans & Co. there is no unpleasant flatulence and therefore they are considered particularly easy on the stomach.

Dieting with lupines

Lupins are suitable for those who want a few kilos less, because their content is made for a successful diet  100 grams of seeds contain 253 calories, 42 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat and 5 grams of carbohydrates


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