Shymkent-Based Plant to Produce Green Algae Superfoods Spirulina, Chlorella

Posted on 01 February 2017

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The global superfood movement attracts an army of followers worldwide and Kazakhstan is no exception. In this sense, the Lotus Organics is a unique enterprise as this is one of two dozen companies in the world that manufacture patented biotechnological production strains based on algae bacteria.

Located in the Ontustik industrial zone in Shymkent, the plant is unique for the Kazakh market because it is engaged in the production of organic products based on the unique properties of spirulina, chlorella and a number of useful microalgae.

The company aims not only to contribute to the development of the domestic biotech sector but also compete with European producers.

The range of raw materials and final products of microalgae biotechnology and beneficial microorganisms is extremely wide. It covers almost all major economic sectors, including components for nanotechnology.

Industrial production of microalgae biomass and beneficial microorganisms and products of their biomass is highly profitable. The main consumers of such industries are pharmaceuticals, food industry, perfumery and the agriculture industry.

“We began testing and validation of the first products in June this year. We were working with the agro-industrial complex producing premixes for the animal farming group. However, the algae we have grown can be used for medical purposes. After consulting with foreign experts, we have come to the decision that it will be important to produce organic products for people,” Lotus Organics head Azamat Ibdullayev told the Astana Times.

The company sent two products – spirulina and fulvic acid for testing to the Switzerland.

Spirulina includes all the substances necessary for an organism including beta-carotene, chlorophyll, chromium, vitamin B 12 and iron, Ibdullayev said. Fulvic acid has long beenpopular in the western countries. It facilitates the absorption of minerals, increases metabolism and has antioxidant properties, and most importantly, removes toxins from body.

“We invited foreign experts to our studies. A leading specialist of our company is Biological Sciences Doctor Farkhad Omarov who collaborates with a team of 15 people, including chemists, biologists and engineers. We do not see the need for a large staff since our production is automated,” he said.

The project is entirely funded by private investors.

“Today, there are about two dozen companies in the world that produce patented biotechnological production strains based on algae bacteria and we are one of them. Our know-how technology allows keeping the useful components. Algae lose up to 40 percent of useful trace elements by drying. And we managed to avoid it. Many factors, such as sunny weather, altitude and water should be taken into account when you grow the bacteria. Our factory is located in the South Kazakhstan region. It is the most convenient location in terms of climatic conditions and sophisticated agrochemical and biochemical systems,” he said.


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