The Superfoods of 2017 you'll want to add to your shopping list

Posted on 12 January 2017

5Greens Suoerfoods

The superfoods set to take 2017 by storm have been revealed! This year sees favourites including avocado oil and macadamia nuts topping the list, as well as unexpected new entries including insects and bone broth. With many of us looking for easy, healthy swaps to make in our diets, there are great alternatives on offer including black bean pasta or buckwheat noodles for delicious and nutritional alternatives to the classics. have unveiled 17 superfoods tipped to be huge in 2017 – see the full list below to discover what you should be adding to your shopping list!

Red Algae: Nicknamed 'bacon-flavoured seaweed', this brilliant superfood allows people to eat healthily without having to compromise on taste.

Kakadu Plum (also known as Gubinge): These tart and tangy fruits are a natural source rich with vitamin C and contain approximately 100 times more of the antioxidant than an orange.

Offal: Packed with vitamins, amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids, offal could be a superfood champion. Offal such as beef and pork hearts, liver, brain, kidney and other organs are also full of iron and essential antioxidants, not to mention they're budget-friendly: ask your butcher and you’ll go home with a bag full of offal and still have change from a fiver.

Turmeric: Turmeric is an increasingly popular household spice and looks set to explode in 2017 thanks to its healthy compound curcumin.

Goji Berries: Click here to buy 5Greens Organic Goji Berry Powder Goji berries, or 'wolfberries' have been steadily growing in popularity in recent years. It contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals, such as iron and vitamins A, C and B2.

Bone Broth: You may have seen this in supermarkets and been put off by the name, but this broth actually has incredible flavours and contains essential minerals and protein.    

Coconut Sugar: This offers more vitamins and minerals than white sugar, as well as added iron and zinc.

Insects: In 2016, insects rapidly became an important and sustainable food source. Just 100g of crickets contain 214 per cent more protein than 100g of chicken breast meat.

Pea Protein: Pea protein looks set to become 2017’s alternative to whey protein. As well as being both dairy and gluten-free, it is 100 per cent vegan friendly. 

Black Bean Pasta: 2015 had courgetti, 2016 had soybean fettuccine, now 2017 looks set to be the year of the black bean pasta craze. Unlike traditional spaghetti, black bean pasta is high in protein and fibre.

Raw Cacao Nibs: Click here to buy 5Greens Organic Raw Cacao Nibs Raw cacao nibs are great source of iron, fibre and magnesium, making them a great ingredient for desserts or just as a healthy snack.

Goat Meat: Goat meat typically contains more iron and less fat than beef, pork and lamb, and is already consumed across the globe.

Tilapia: This fish is associated with a number of health benefits including boosting metabolism, keeping bones strong, preventing arthritis and reducing signs of ageing.

Maca Powder:Click here to buy 5Greens Organic Raw Maca Powder This foodie favourite boasts large amounts vitamins B, C, and E as well as calcium, zinc and iron, just to name a few.

Buckwheat noodles: Buckwheat noodles don't actually contain any wheat and are the ideal replacement for any noodle-based dish.  

Avocado Oil: Packed with nutrients such as vitamin E that does wonders for your skin, avocado oil looks set to keep avocados high on people's shopping lists this year.

Macadamia Nuts: Macadamia nuts have a sweet taste and are a terrific source of energy. They also contain large amounts of vitamin A and iron, as well as zinc and calcium.


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